How Volkswagen's Grand Entrance Into The Stroller Market May Be A Game Changer

Aug 15, 2015 By Sarah Brennan
The Volkswagen empire is known for their extremely efficient and groundbreaking technology. The Volkswagen Golf is one motor vehicle with futuristic technologies including advanced cruise control and collision sensors. These new features make car safety better than ever.

Now, Volkswagen is transferring the same features into an unexpected new product: a baby stroller. Who needs more trustworthy safety than a fragile baby? Stroller-related injuries are surprisingly common with over 373 emergency visits each year in the United States. They test out the revolutionary product for the first time in this video, and the results are sure to lower these staggering numbers. We can't tell if this is a real product, a concept stroller or one big viral marketing stunt, but we're fascinated nevertheless.
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