If You Ever Wondered What A Rock Band With 1,000 Members Would Sound Like...

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Ask someone to name one of the biggest rock bands in the world today and there's a good chance they'll reply with "Foo Fighters." The Foo Fighters have been a hugely popular and successful act (both artistically and commercially) for many years. Lead singer/guitar player Dave Grohl also has the honor of being part of not one, but two of the biggest rock bands in the last 20 years (he was previously the drummer for Seattle grunge rock legends Nirvana), and enjoys almost cult-like devotion from fans worldwide.

Although the Foo Fighters regularly tour all around the world, apparently they haven't been to the Romagna region of Italy since 1997. Local fans were so determined to get the band back to their area that they resorted to some extreme - and awesome - measures. They launched a large crowdfunding campaign in which they recruited 1,000 rockers from all over Italy and raised nearly $50,000 all so they could play "Learn to Fly," one of the Foo Fighters' biggest hits, together in an effort to convince Dave Grohl and company to return to Italy.

If you've ever had any experience playing in a band, you probably know how hard it is to just get 2-4 people to play in sync with each other, so getting a full thousand to sound this good couldn't possibly have been easy. This video is already going massively viral, so it's only a matter of time until it reaches the Foo Fighters. Considering their reputations as being some of the nicest people in show business, I'd venture to bet that a concert in Romagna will be on the books sooner rather than later.