If You Need A Little Help Dreaming Big, Check Out This Video.

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What do an Episcopal priest, a man named "Hungry Bear," and a spectacular rainbow have to do with this video? Everything and nothing. The voice you hear at the start of this film is Paul "Hungry Bear" Vasquez.

Paul entered everybody's collective unconsciousness when he filmed a perfect double rainbow and broke down crying at its beauty. The peaceful giant, artist, and erstwhile MMA fighter became an instant viral hit for his emotional intensity and honesty.

Narrating is Alan Watts, who was a noted philosopher and spiritual thinker, steeped in both Eastern and Western religion. A practicing Buddhist, Watts was also for a time an ordained priest. Highly regarded for his willingness to think beyond the rigid constraints of any one religion, Watts sought to find the best path to being a better human.

Somehow, a filmmaker named Aaron Paradox managed to combine these two unique men into one eerily powerful short about the nature of dreams, life, and everything in between.