Impressive Lamborghini Crosses Flooded Street.

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When rain pounded parts of California earlier this week, everyone was caught off guard. Extreme drought had become a fact of life for the state’s residents over the past few years, so worrying about excess precipitation was akin to a distant memory. However, thousands of people were left stranded and suffered property damage because of the inclement weather.

The situation became especially dire for those who were out on the road when caught in the chaos of the storm. Even though the water was quickly rising, the driver of this Lamborghini Gallardo decided to take a chance in traversing the flooded streets of San Diego. Though the car made it through, it should be noted that driving through high water is incredibly risky. Because the engines of many sports cars are in the rear, the vehicles can be almost completely submerged without significant amounts of water entering the engines’ intake. However, this does not apply to the vast majority of vehicles out there. Also, when a large portion of any vehicle is submerged, it is at risk of being swept away by the water's current. For smaller cars, all it takes is about 12 inches of rushing water.