Intel's New Wearable Computer Allows You To Control A Swarm Of "Spider Bots" With Just A Gesture.

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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich recently unveiled some technology at the Intel Developer Forum in Shenzhen, China that's bringing the age of Terminator and Skynet just a little bit closer to reality. Showing off the company's new button-sized computer, "Curie," Krzanich demonstrates how a Curie-embedded wristwatch is able to use gesture controls to activate and control a swarm of spider robots.

Curie is a major step towards integrating technology into everyday, wearable design. Future iterations could be embedded into rings and pendants, because you know, why have an army of spider-bots to take over the world if you can't look stylish doing it?

All kidding aside, wearable computers and gesture-based technology like this could be a huge asset in many ways. Beyond the obvious cool factor, small gesture-controlled robots would be incredibly useful for search-and-rescue missions.