It Takes Skill To Say This Word In Swedish

Jan 15, 2015
In each language, there are often different dialects, which are simply a particular form of the language that is specific to a region or social group. For example, according to several sources, there are around 26 dialects spoken across the United States, and most notable are the dialects that exist in the southern part of the U.S. and the northeastern "Boston accent". Sweden and its language are no different.

This short observes a sound that is unique to the northern part of England and this sound, or concept, is explored by Oliver Gee in the northern Swedish city of Umeå. Although this unique sound could be heard throughout the country, it is associated with the north, much like ya'll is associated with the Southeastern United States. The sound is used as a substitute for the word "yes", which in most of Sweden is the word "ja", but in northern Sweden, this shorter option is more typically heard.
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