It Took 10 Years To Master This 42 String Guitar

Feb 12, 2015
Who is this man, and what's the story behind the extraterrestrial-looking guitar in his hands? The man is Pat Metheny, a highly regarded jazz guitarist with multiple gold records and Grammy Awards to his name.

When you're this talented, having just six strings on your guitar feels like a hindrance to your creativity. Pat went to Linda Manzer, a master luthier, to build a custom guitar with "as many strings as possible." Two years and nearly 1,000 hours of work later, the Pikasso guitar was born. The guitar features 42 strings, four necks, and two sound holes. It weighs just under 15 lbs and, when fully strung and tuned, bears nearly 1,000 lbs of pressure.

Metheny says it took nearly 10 years after getting the Pikasso to tune and play it comfortably, and he's still evolving with it.
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