Kid At Pool Party Does A Truly Awesome Dance Routine To "Cuban Pete"

Jul 9, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Charisma - some of us have it, some of us don't. A rare few among us, however, not only have it, they practically ooze it and this young man is definitely among those elite. When the popular rumba song "Cuban Pete" starts playing at a pool party, this kid has the perfect dance routine that he busts out without batting an eyelid. Whether the routine was well-practiced (most likely) or just made up on the spot, you have to hand it to him - he absolutely nails it. Many viewers are also commenting on his resemblance to the character of Manny Delgado on TV's "Modern Family." Even though he's not on TV, this young man clearly knows he's got star quality - many adults would do anything to have the kind of self-confidence he has.

The song "Cuban Pete" was composed by Joseph Norman (a.k.a. José Norman) in 1936. It was recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1937 but didn't become famous until Desi Arnez performed it as Ricky Ricardo on "I Love Lucy" in 1951. The song was later re-popularized in the 1994 comedy "The Mask," when Jim Carrey's character performs this song at a nightclub.
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