Laser Etches A Design Onto A Chalkboard With Unbelievable Speed And Precision

Jun 12, 2015 By Houston Barber
In case you were wondering if there are any jobs automated machines can't do nowadays, take a look at this latest design by the laser manufacturing company LasX Industries. The art piece created is titled "After Sunset" and is designed by Andy Gikling, who created the piece on Adobe Illustrator and then transferred the design into a laser-control software.

The machine showcased by LasX is housed in Minnesota and is currently making quite the commotion, in both the artistic and scientific communities, for the incredible speed and precision it displays. According to LasX, it can draw at a rate of up to 6 meters per second. There are not too many times when the worlds of science and art overlap, but when it happens, it can be amazing.
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