Laundry Day Would Be Every Day If You Had This Helpful Kitten

Aug 31, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
Kittens aren't always the best roommates. They claw up the furniture, make odd smells, and leave you gifts in the form of dead bugs. One energetic kitten has figured out how to help around the house and his incredible skills should get him noticed by the NBA.

As its owner tosses laundry into the hamper this furry little Dikembe Mutombo wanna-be launches into the air, grasping each piece in its claws and bringing them back to earth. This sort of passionate defense stands as an inspiration to all future players. The wall jump :38 seconds in should make the Sports Center Top 10 Plays, but since this is a kitten they probably won't give it a mention. We'll do it for them. Good job kitten. Protect the basket.
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