Lion Cub Gives Distracted Dog A Good Scare

Jan 26, 2015
Lions are among the top three largest animals in the cat family. Though they are often considered wild and dangerous, they can be lots of fun as well. With a large decline in population and habitat, some lions and lion cubs are often in need of rescue.

Thanks to Cornellskop Animal Training Farm, many of these lost, rescued, or unwanted animals are socialized and cared for by licensed animal trainers. Who would've thought that lion cubs and dogs could get along. With the training done by Cornellskop Animal Training Farm, some of these animals have been featured in movies and commercials.

This dog proves to be no match for a lion cub's natural skill. This video was taken by professional animal trainers at the Cornellskop Animal Training Farm in Bot River, Western Cape, South Africa.
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