Little Boy Speaks First Words At Chick-Fil-A After Years Of Silence.
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When Caiden Lane was born, his parents, Mashanda and Michael, immediately noticed that something wasn't quite right. Unlike their two older children, Caiden never cried and was content to simply sit and stare for long periods of time. Doctors were quick to diagnose the toddler with autism, but later realized they had been wrong – Caiden had apraxia and aphasia. As an infant, he'd suffered two strokes (one in utero, the other after birth), which had damaged the part of his brain that controls communication. The family was warned their son would most likely never talk or walk.

But Caiden's family didn't give up. Eventually, their son did learn to walk, and do a lot of other stuff too! By all accounts, Caiden was an average kid, just a quiet one. He loved to play outside, hang out with his big brother and sister and eat at Chick-fil-A. Who doesn't? Besides having some seriously delicious food that's (slightly) healthier than other fast food chains, the company is known for giving back to others. In fact, in just three years, Chick-fil-A donated over $68 million to educational and charitable organizations. That's some serious money. 

One day, Caiden's mom noticed their local Chick-fi-A was hosting a community event. She decided to treat her kids to dinner, but while they were eating, something astonishing happened. It seemed that Caiden had something important to say, and for the very first time ever, he was determined to say it. What Caiden said and how his relationship with his favorite restaurant chain progressed from there is something you have to see for yourself.