Little Parrot Has A Laugh That Would Make A Super Villain Proud

May 17, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Some birds just want to watch the world burn. This video of a parrot sneaking in through a door and then laughing like a typical movie super villain has gained massive popularity online, with multiple viewers commenting that it's their favorite video and that the bird must be a constant source of smiles for its owner.

Biologists and animal behaviorists explain that parrots, like human babies, tend to produce sound through imitation and, just like your 2-year-old has a clear preference for singing "Let It Go" over and over as opposed to literally anything else, parrots also tend to focus on and mimic the sounds that they personally find appealing. They also have very good memories and can mimic a sound after hearing it just once. In this case, the parrot probably knows it gets a favorable reaction from its owner when it "laughs," so it gives the performance of a lifetime.
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