Louisiana Swamp Tour Guide Feeds Wild Alligators From His Mouth

Apr 22, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Lance LaCrosse works for Airboat Adventures in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, where he gives guided tours in the swamps found just outside the French Quarter. He was featured in a video that was uploaded by YouTube user Stacy Hicks, who began to record him after he had jumped into the swamp water to feed and swim with wild alligators. Although there is no law that bans the feeding of alligators in Louisiana, there is a local law in Jefferson Parish that prohibits this act.

The National Park Service "always encourages staff and visitors to treat any wild animals with extreme caution. Feeding wild animals trains them to see humans as a food source, and that can be highly dangerous for both humans and animals," a representative told ABC News. Due to the viral video, the local sheriff's department is investigating the situation to see if any laws were broken and to determine if action will be taken.
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