Man Balances On Droid And Plays The "Star Wars" Theme Song On Flame-Shooting Bagpipes

May 6, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
May 4 is universally known as "Star Wars" day, as in "May the 4th be with you." Very punny, right? Well for those that love all things "Star Wars," May 4 is a very serious holiday and this video takes the others by storm. Portland, Oregon-based, Brian Kidd (also known on social media as the unipiper) is somewhat of an online cult hero.

Kidd plays his bagpipes while riding a unicycle and can be hired for any event, including weddings. He has his own website and also has his own line of t-shirts. Unipiper plus "Star Wars" - the two combined, takes Kidd's motto of "one-wheeled mayhem" to another level. No question, Kidd is clearly a huge "Star Wars" fan.
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