Man Completes An Epic Frisbee Throw With The Help Of His Surroundings

Jun 21, 2015 By Mary Madsen
The odds of pulling off this trick have to be incredibly low. And, the odds make it apparent that this Frisbee player has put in some practice, but he would be nowhere if it weren't for a bakery in Connecticut.

The Frisbie Baking Company made their money selling pies to colleges filled with hungry students. After devouring the treat, students discovered that throwing around the empty tin made for an excellent sport.

From the original metal plate came the plastic version, first produced in 1948. Walter Frederick Morrison, the inventor, called his disc the Pluto Platter, a play on the popularity of UFOs. Toy company Wham-O bought the rights and began to produce the toy with its famous name, the Frisbee.
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