Man Makes An Amazing Discovery On Antiques Roadshow.

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Have you ever wondered if some random item you own might be worth some serious money? If you've ever watched the popular Antiques Roadshow TV series on PBS, it's really hard not to start getting excited by every random knick-knack you might find around your house. Maybe that weird old cookie jar you got from your grandmother is actually a priceless original, or that odd-looking plate was once used at a dinner service for royalty? I mean, if everyone in Hollywood can be six degrees of separation away from Kevin Bacon, why can't you be a few more degrees away from Queen Elizabeth?

Sadly for most of us, the old junk we have sitting around our homes is probably exactly that - junk. For every one incredible discovery on Antiques Roadshow, there are countless dozens that end up being worth little to nothing. To its credit, the show does do its best to show those instances as well, but obviously the real attention-grabbers are always the things that nobody suspected to have much value that turn out to be worth a small fortune.

Take this blanket for example. The owner had it passed down to him through family and, although he had a slight inkling it may have had some value due to its past owner, he never really assumed it was anything special. For years, he had it thrown over his furniture as a decorative accent. For whatever reason, he decided to have it appraised and lo and behold! The blanket is an original Navajo blanket estimated to be worth half a million dollars or more!