Man Regrets Fishing In A Kayak When He Sees The Size Of His Latest Catch

Jun 3, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Jon Black took out a kayak to fish just off of Sanibel Island in Florida. Sanibel is located in Lee County and is in the Gulf of Mexico, just west of Fort Myers Beach. Sanibel is a barrier island, which means it is a collection of sand on the leeward side of the solid, coral-rock of Pine Island.

Black landed himself a goliath grouper, which is known to be in these shallow tropical waters and is a bottom feeder. He owns the Crazy Lure Bait and Tackle shop in Cape Coral Florida and luckily had the right equipment to reel this monster in for a solid catch. The fish measured 83 inches long and over 73 inches in girth, putting its estimated weight at nearly 552 pounds and yet, Black still reeled it in while sitting in a kayak.
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