Man Takes 576 Hours To Create Monumental Masterpiece

Jan 28, 2015
Starting his life as a graffiti writer, Insa became a worldwide phenom in his field. Although originally from Britain, the large scale murals that he was known for were located all over the globe. His murals were so popular that they are now commercialized and are featured on furniture, clothing and even high heels.

Insa was also fascinated by gifs, or graphic interchange formats, as well as by the role that technology now plays in art. He coined the term "gif-iti." Much like his large murals, gif-iti is also street art, but it can only be viewed online in its animated form. The idea is modeled in the clip and the work is completed over the course of several days. The image is slightly shifted each day so that when photographed, it appears to move.
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