Marlana VanHoose Is This Basketball Team's Secret Weapon, But She's Never Even Watched A Game

Jul 12, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Throughout the United States, college sports are a really, really big deal. Many college teams have massive fan bases that rival - and sometimes far exceed - those of professional teams, especially in basketball and football (American football, for our international readers). Some states with more than one NCAA Division I (the highest level of collegiate athletics) team will even have heated in-state rivalries.

Though they are governed by strict rules, teams will often do anything they legally can to gain the winning edge. For the University of Kentucky Wildcats women's basketball team, that "edge" is a small, spirited 18-year-old fan called Marlana VanHoose. Marlana was born with cerebral palsy and an undeveloped optic nerve that left her blind, but that hasn't stopped her from developing an undying love of the game. She's had the opportunity to sing the national anthem at Wildcat games, and the team is 4-0 in those.
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