Meet The Blackjack Wizard Who Ignited The Information Age

Jan 11, 2015
Many would credit Bill Gates or Steve Jobs for the modern computer age. In truth, the man behind it all is little known. Claude Shannon is an American mathematical engineer. He gained his B.S. degree from Michigan University in 1936 and both his Master's and Doctorate in 1940 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In his research, Claude applied George Boole's logical algebra (Boolean algebra) to electrical switching. At that time, his system for manipulating 0 and 1 logically was relatively unknown. However, it is the core of any computer system today.

Shannon began work for Bell Labs in 1941 where he continued to formulate theories that would change the world around him. His main efforts were focused on efficiently transmitting information. He also taught at MIT throughout his career. Shannon's "Information Theory" created the possibilities of today.
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