Meet The Smartphone Of Microwaves... Impressive

Feb 14, 2015
Wouldn't it be great if your microwave oven could cook your food to the perfect temperature and then shut off on its own? Just think, no more Hot Pocket mouth burns, half-frozen burritos or scalding hot soup. It seems that the concept is now actually possible due to former NASA engineer Mark Rober's invention. While not yet in the production stage, Rober's prototype microwave uses thermal imaging to detect when food is perfectly cooked.

By attaching an infrared camera to the roof of the microwave, the temperature of food can be monitored while it cooks. For viewing, a monitor embedded in the door displays a colored heat map. Once the food turns white on the map, the microwave automatically shuts off. Rober also imagines a phone app that can remotely adjusted settings and notify you when the food is ready.
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