Mesmerizing Video Shows The Bright Lights Of Tokyo In A Brand New Way

Apr 28, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
LLLL (pronounced "four-el") is a Japanese electronic musician and producer who recently released his sophomore album, "Faithful." This hypnotic video, featuring kaleidoscopic visuals of Tokyo by night, is set to the tune of a track from that album called "Only to Silence." The video was created by a Yokohama-based filmmaker going by the name of darwinfish105, who says he made most of the visual effects using the CC Kaleidoscope feature in After Effects.

Tokyo was once just a small fishing village, but gradually grew in size until it was eventually turned into the imperial capital in 1868. With a population of roughly 13 million people just in Tokyo Metropolis, downtown Tokyo has a population density of roughly 16,000 per square mile, which makes it no wonder why the filmmaker had so many pretty lights to play with.
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