Mission Impossible Squirrel

Dec 23, 2015 By Jake Brannon

Here at Wimp, we don't typically condone illegal activity. Call us crazy, but we much prefer obeying the law as opposed to breaking it. That having been said, we'd like you to check out this video of an awesome theft. Don't worry, nothing major is being stolen, just a few bird seeds. How serious could that be? Pretty dang serious, apparently.

One day, this innkeeper noticed that squirrels were stealing from his birdfeeders and decided to take a stand. He installed a complex security system that looks like it'd be difficult to bypass as a human, much less a squirrel. While most of the other squirrels gave up and decided to find other food, one determined rodent made it its mission to fight the powers that be and steal birdseed for his fellow squirrels.

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