Newborn Baby Is Blind Mother's First Sight

Jan 28, 2015
The #MakeBlindnessHistory project was created to help legally blind people "see" using specialized glasses made by eSight. Yvonne Felix was one of the first people in the world to wear the glasses and has become an advocate for the project. The glasses are extremely expensive, and Yvonne felt this was not fair and believes all should have access to this amazing technology.

Kathy Beitz, who is Yvonne's sister, is featured in this clip and is also legally blind. As she prepared to give birth to her first child, Kathy, like anyone would, wanted to see the moment and her child. #MakeBlindnessHistory offered her that opportunity as well as the chance to see her child grow. Kathy is the first recipient of the glasses but will not be the last.
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