One Daredevil Presents His Extreme Take On The Idea Of Target Practice

Apr 12, 2015
Chilean daredevil Sebastian Alvarez is already quite well known for his crazy stunts. An accomplished base jumper, Alvarez has gained a wide fan base by performing one jump after another, each one more amazing than the previous. With all of that excitement in his life, you would think that Sebastian would be satisfied, right? Well, it turns out that he just couldn't get enough of extreme sports, so he decided to do something that doesn't just require nerves of steel, but remarkable precision.

For his latest stunt, Sebastian decided to don a squirrel suit and jump out of a helicopter, attempting to hit a small target. As if this wasn't enough, he took it up a notch, making the target a painted version of his country's flag, held on top of a cliff by two friends. In such an environment, winds are unpredictable, despite prior calculation, so Sebastian had to use some seriously precise maneuvers to accomplish his goal.
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