One Of These Popsicles Is Just A Drawing. Can You Pick The Real One?

Jan 25, 2016 By Mary Madsen

Throughout human history, we've used art as a way to communicate, add beauty to our world and even record history. Just like the motivation behind the creation of artwork can vary, so can the medium; some people use sand, some use spray paint and Howard Lee, the artist behind this video, uses plain old pencil and paper. The drawings that Lee produces, however, are anything but plain.

The Welsh artist, who now uses YouTube, Instagram and other social media to showcase his unique style, first began his career as a teacher. After graduation from the University of Wales Aberystwyth with a BA with honors in Fine Arts, he moved to northeast England and began supporting the artistic aspirations and interests of students aged 11-18. He led workshops for adults and community groups about drawing and painting and produced commissioned pieces, including landscapes and portraits. 

In 2015, he decided to do something a little more experimental, though. Using the drawing techniques he already knew from his artistic education, he began making time-lapse videos and posting them on YouTube. These videos showed the whole process behind creating his incredibly lifelike Hyperrealism drawings from start to finish. With the huge popularity of his work, as evidenced by the 1.6+ million YouTube views his videos have received to date, Lee began showcasing more variety in his artwork, moving towards stop frame animation. To create his incredibly realistic drawings, Lee likes to "mix media, such as Prismacolor, Copic marker and Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel pencil on Daler Rowney Grey Board."

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