Orphaned Teen Receives A Complete Bedroom Renovation

Feb 7, 2016

Being a teenager can be difficult. Between hormones and peer pressure, just existing seems like an ordeal. Even the smallest problem can often seem like the end of the world. Many teens however are faced with far greater challenges than simply going to school or making new friends. Sometimes circumstances beyond anyone’s control can conspire to test even the strongest of us at any age.

For Madison, that test was the loss of her parents. Losing one parent is hard enough, but losing both at the same time seems almost unimaginable. Especially at such a vulnerable time in your life. Madison has been strong, but has thankfully had some tremendous help in the form of a supportive aunt.

Recognizing that moving into a new home and – essentially – into a new family, is more than any teen should ever have to face, her aunt has tried her best to make her feel welcome. Transitions like these are never easy. Many times children entering into a new family dynamic can feel like they don’t belong or that they’re unwanted. Many times they think of themselves as a burden.

But while it certainly is a tremendous responsibility to be put in charge of another human being, it should never be a burden. Especially when it’s family. Madison’s aunt clearly knows this very well and her actions show it. The effort she put into transforming Madison’s bedroom into a warm, welcoming and personal environment is a perfect demonstration of how much she obviously cares for her niece.

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