Paraplegic Bride Sheds Weight And Walks

Jan 7, 2015
In October 1999, Tami Martin was just like any college student on their way back to school. Tami's mom was driving their family minivan and Tami reclined her front passenger seat to rest during the ride. She later woke in the hospital, paralyzed. Tami's mom had rear-ended the car in front of them and although it was a minor accident, it resulted in major injuries.

Tami became a quadriplegic and was told she would never walk again. Being confined to a wheelchair also brought weight gain, adding to her adversity. In January 2015, Tami Martin was just like any other bride. She walked, yes walked, her way down the aisle to her groom, Rob Dietrich. She'd lost 192 pounds for this day too. The guests were stunned as Martin, using her walker, completed the 63-foot journey down the aisle of the Atlanta church, alongside both of her parents.
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