Parents Put A GoPro On Their Kid's Head While Playing "Hide And Seek".

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When you are little, there are not many games that are more fun to play than hide and go seek. It combines all of the best elements of a childhood game. You can run, collaborate with friends and best of all, hide from adults. Unfortunately, as you get older, the game becomes less and less magical. If only there was a way to see hide and seek as a little kid does. 

The good news for all of us is that chance is finally here. That’s right, thanks to Dan Iverson and his wife, we can once again feel like a kid playing hide and seek. When the parents were playing with their toddler they had a genius idea. Dan strapped a GoPro on his kid’s head and ran away to hide and what happened next is seriously adorable. 

The child wandered from room to room, looking for his mom and dad. Even the dog shows up to make a cameo appearance. After a confusing minute or two of searching, eventually the kid opened the closet and found his parents waiting for him there. The end result is a heartwarming video that will definitely make you feel like you are a kid once again.