Parody Trailer For "Jurassic Weenie" Replaces Raptors With Dachshunds

Jun 19, 2015 By Mary Madsen
While it might not be the official sequel to "Jurassic Park," we have a sneaking suspicion that people would happily line up to see "Jurassic Weenie." They're not as scary as dinosaurs, but these dachshunds are infinitely cuter. Perhaps Universal Pictures should have picked Anna Schatte and Calvin Millar, the filmmakers behind this parody, to helm their sequel.

The fervor caused by the much-anticipated release of "Jurassic World" is impossible to ignore. By the Monday after it hit theaters, the film had racked up a massive $208.8 million in domestic ticket sales and $524 million worldwide. It continued the smashing success into the week, snagging third place on the list of biggest non-holiday Monday gross sales.
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