Patient Plays "Yesterday" By The Beatles While Undergoing Brain Surgery

Jun 9, 2015 By Houston Barber
When 33-year-old Anthony Kullkamp Dias was told he had to stay conscious for the duration of his brain surgery, he decided to keep himself awake in the best way he knew how, by strumming his acoustic guitar. Dias was undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor, an operation that is painless for the patient but requires them to stay fully awake. Thanks to Dias' cooperation, doctors were able to remove 90 percent of the tumor.

Dias says he came up with the idea to play his guitar during surgery right before being wheeled into the operating room. During the long procedure, Dias played six songs, including an original piece that he wrote and dedicated to his son. In addition to playing the guitar, Dias talked and fully communicated with doctors so they could adequately pinpoint the locations of his brain that might be affected. According to Hospital Nosa Senhora de Conceicao, Dias is on the path to full recovery.
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