People Set Off A Massive Rocket At A Festival In Thailand

Jul 8, 2015 By Stacey Leigh
When you think of a fun homemade project to tackle with the family, you might get your hands dirty with a batch of cookies, maybe an art project, maybe even a DIY home renovation if you're feeling extra ambitious. But if you know the Thai Rocket Festival is approaching, why not get the kids together and put together an enormous pyrotechnic rocket that shoots spinning smoke trails?

Every year around June or July, the residents of Laos and Thailand celebrate a rocket festival called Prapheni Bun Bang Fai. The festival is now a Buddhist celebration but has its roots all the way back to pre-Buddhist fertility rites. The Bang Fai rockets are charged with 120 kilograms of black powder and are scored by judges for beauty, heights and distance reached.
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