Performers Play Classical Music On Instruments That Are Anything But Ordinary

Apr 11, 2015
It is doubtful that Johann Sebastian Bach would have predicted that his first prelude, which was included in his collection known as "The Well-Tempered Clavier," would be a viral sensation because it was played by boomwhackers.

What is a boomwhacker? Boomwhackers are plastic percussion tubes that are color coded by the note that they play. They are considered musical instruments and were introduced on the scene in 1995, by Craig Ramsell.

Les Objets Volants, French for "the flying objects," is a juggling group that incorporates movement, theatre and humor into their acts. The team's director, Denis Paumier, notes that the group's focus is always on new ideas and change, experimenting with objects and new techniques. In this case, their experimenting with boomwhackers should be considered a success.
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