Playing Alphorn In A Parking Garage Has Incredible Results

Dec 21, 2015 By Michael W. Pirrone

Hailing from the alpine region of Europe, the rather straightforwardly named alphorn is fairly unusual as far as horn instruments go. The most obvious thing is its unwieldy size and shape. Often constructed at lengths over ten feet, these long horns are designed to rest on the ground. They’re also made entirely of wood, compared to the more common metal construction of most horns. Despite its apparent simplicity, this instrument takes quite a bit of skill to master, as the lack of finger holes or valves coupled with an inability of the player to reach the bell end means all the notes must be created through altering one’s mouth shape and tension.

The skillful player in this video has chosen a less common venue for his performance. While originally developed as a means of communication between remote mountain villages, the horn’s resounding song sounds even more incredible when echoing through the concrete chambers of a parking garage.

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