Priest Is Adorably Astounded By The New "Star Wars" Trailer

Apr 26, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Catholic priests suffer from the same problem teachers do: it's always a little odd to realize that they, like us, have lives and interests that extend beyond their professions. Your math teacher from junior high might be an avid sailor, the church organ player might also play in a rock band and your unassuming-looking priest might just be a total "Star Wars" geek.

Roderick Vonhögen is a Dutch Catholic priest who recently filmed himself watching the trailer for the upcoming "Star Wars" sequel for the very first time. What followed was a textbook case of adorably nerdy excitement. Any fellow geek such as myself can instantly relate with the joy and wonder that Vonhögen feels. Since it was released, the new trailer has been viewed over 32 million times.
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