Professional Frisbee Player Nails Some Amazing Tricks.

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Brodie Smith is an American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) player who has become world-famous for his ability to perform the most incredible tricks with a frisbee. His YouTube channel is full of incredible trick shot videos, earning him over 1 million subscribers and over 123 million views.

Starting out with a weekly game after school when he was in high school, Brodie went on to the University of Florida where he joined the men's ultimate frisbee team and helped lead them to two USA Ultimate College Championships. After graduating from college, he joined the AUDL and turned his passion into a profession. He's won two national championships and currently plays for the Chicago Wildfire AUDL team.

In this video, Brodie teamed up with another YouTube superstar, filmmaker "Devinsupertramp" to put together a compilation of some truly epic trick shots.