Puppy Can't Wait For His Best Friend To Get Off The Bus

Aug 20, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
Lassie, Benji, Rin Tin Tin; these are the names of history’s greatest dogs. Not just good dogs, but great dogs. Today we add a dog to that list of great dogs, although his name remains a mystery. This dog isn’t in the game for fame, it just wants to play with its master. So it waits with its child’s mom, patiently, watching for the big yellow bus which will free its dearest friend.

When the moment of truth arrives the dog runs for the bus to greet the child. While some dogs would be content to simply walk their friend back to the house this dog grabs the child’s backpack and carries it for them. Lugging all that weight would merely waste energy the child could spend playing, and that simply will not do. Every child would be lucky to have a dog like this. Today we salute you patient dog. You are a role model to pups everywhere.
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