Rare Footage Of Chris Farley As The Original "Shrek".

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Chris Farley is without a doubt one of the most popular comedians to have come out of the 1990's, but sadly his bright and promising career was cut short when he died in 1997, at the height of his fame. This month, a new documentary called "I Am Chris Farley" offers a look into the rise and fall of one of comedy's best and brightest stars. Whether it was contrived to be timed with the documentary or purely by coincidence, earlier this week rare footage of his last project was unearthed.

Few people realize that Chris Farley was originally cast to play "Shrek," the lovable green ogre that we have all come to be familiar with thanks to fellow "Saturday Night Live" alum Mike Myer's portrayal of the character. According to Farley' brother, Kevin, he had wrapped up nearly 99 percent of the audio for the role and the original Shrek was far less ornery and much more sensitive than Myers' version. He was conceived as a cartoon version of Farley, "a humble, bumbling innocent guy” according to Kevin.

Fans of Chris Farley may already know that towards the end of his life, the actor was growing increasingly tired of the "fat guy falls down" schtick that he had gotten typecast into. In this snippet of footage from the original "Shrek" (with Eddie Murphy still playing the role of Donkey), it's evident that he really identified with Shrek's misunderstood character. While I loved the "Shrek" films we have today, I definitely would have loved to see the nuance Farley would have brought to the role.