Researchers Find Something Very Curious At The Bottom Of The Ocean

Jun 7, 2015 By Sarah Brennan
A siphonophore is a creature that can grow up to 160 feet, making it one of the longest creatures on Earth. What is so interesting about this ocean dweller is that it is not actually an 'individual' animal. This is because the siphonophore is made up of multiple "Zooids." This sounds like a science fiction term, but the truth is much the opposite. Zooids are the life source for this creature. Multiple Zooids take on different roles, like feeding or reproducing, in order to keep the siphonophore alive.

These scientists observe a particularly beautiful siphonophore at the bottom of the ocean. At first, they think it is a plastic bag or some garbage floating around, but once they realize what they found, they are beyond ecstatic.
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