Resourceful Athlete Does Whatever Necessary To Get That Perfect Wave

May 13, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
If you're a true wave-riding enthusiast, you find a way to get your board into the water any chance you can get. On the days that Mother Nature doesn't provide any waves, the real riders find a way to make their own. That's exactly what Austin Keen decided to do, as he enlisted some friends with a boat to create a wake for him to ride on and even do a neat little trick towards the end.

Austin's riding a skimboard, which is basically a smaller version of a surfboard without any fins. The skimboard was invented in the 1920s, in Southern California (most likely the Laguna Beach area) where the local lifeguards wanted to find a way to ride the waves near the shore that were too fast and too shallow for traditional surfboards. Skimboards also allow riders to perform skateboard-style tricks such as the one Austin can be seen doing in this video.
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