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Jul 29 - Pit bull puppy cuddles with baby.
Jul 29 - Creating can be just as beautiful as the final product.
Jul 29 - Cocoa farmers from the Ivory Coast taste chocolate for the first time.
Jul 29 - I think I've just found my new gym buddy.
Jul 29 - Little girl is devastated that her baby brother must grow up.
Jul 28 - Kitten kung fu attacks a ceramic cat.
Jul 28 - This man knows how to give a baby shots.
Jul 28 - Homeless man was ignored every day until strangers did this.
Jul 28 - A "hidden" secret of tin foil and plastic wrap.
Jul 27 - Pets make everything better.
Jul 27 - It was a usual day at the retirement home... then this happened.
Jul 27 - The quickest and smartest way to slice a watermelon.
Jul 27 - This video describes the most confusing thing about the USA.
Jul 26 - Haha, I can't stop laughing.
Jul 26 - My childhood dreams have finally come true.
Jul 26 - They never expected him to walk, let alone become an athlete.
Jul 26 - Dog passes out from overwhelming joy.
Jul 26 - How the lightsaber sounds from Star Wars were created.
Jul 25 - This is a guaranteed way to make you smile.
Jul 25 - Walk off the Earth covers "Rude" by Magic.
Jul 25 - Boy heard screaming for help rescued from rip current by lifeguard.
Jul 25 - How cooking can change your life.
Jul 25 - Fuel truck makes an insanely sharp U-turn like a boss.
Jul 24 - I hope this makes your day a little better.
Jul 24 - This genius machine helps feed stray dogs and reduces waste.
Jul 24 - Three-year-old drummer plays stunning solo with orchestra.
Jul 24 - How many paper folds does it take to reach the edge of the universe?
Jul 24 - Mountain biker races down staircases in Taxco, Mexico.
Jul 23 - This is guaranteed to make your day better.
Jul 23 - Kayak gets raised up by a whale on the Argentinian coast.
Jul 23 - One of the best passers in the NBA.
Jul 23 - How playing an instrument benefits your brain.
Jul 23 - What happens on 99% of American reality shows.
Jul 22 - It just doesn't get any cuter than this.
Jul 22 - Elderly man hears a song he likes, astounds crowd with what he does next.
Jul 22 - A lesson on life.
Jul 22 - Looking over the shoulder of a watchmaker.
Jul 22 - 5 Second Films: Missing.
Jul 21 - This abandoned dog took a four mile trip every night, so they followed her...
Jul 21 - Dads respond to Disney's "Frozen".
Jul 21 - Perhaps the best explanation of gravity ever.
Jul 21 - Go-anywhere Russian motorbike.
Jul 21 - Deodorant product review goes wrong.
Jul 20 - Rethink homelessness.
Jul 20 - Cycle-Ball: Never seen skill and dexterity like this before.
Jul 20 - Girl gets the best birthday surprise ever and her reaction is priceless.
Jul 20 - The world's smallest nation.
Jul 20 - Take a lesson in relaxation from this cat.
Jul 19 - The first female ever to advance to the American Ninja Warrior finals.
Jul 19 - A four-year-old singing with her dad is the epitome of cute.
Jul 19 - These pets interrupting yoga prove annoying can be adorable.
Jul 19 - Coffee Maker: Pumping water with no moving parts.
Jul 19 - Just a guy helping a motorcycle catch a ride on the bus.
Jul 18 - All supermarkets should do this.
Jul 18 - Joaquin Phoenix's forehead rotated.
Jul 18 - A rookie makes a veteran play.
Jul 18 - Morgan Freeman once played a singing vampire obsessed with vegetables.
Jul 18 - Dog is so happy in his new home, his tail wags as he sleeps.
Jul 17 - Man single-handedly plants a forest larger than Central Park in NYC.
Jul 17 - Two 30-year-old guys lipsync a conversation between two 60-year-old women.
Jul 17 - Acoustic guitar tribute to Daft Punk.
Jul 17 - Cat cuddles with a horse.
Jul 17 - Blindfolded artist mesmerizes with hoop illusion.
Jul 16 - This is what happens when her dad gets home from work.
Jul 16 - View from the top of a tall ship.
Jul 16 - Cleaning a vinyl record with wood glue, wait for the satisfying peel sound...
Jul 16 - Seal befriends woman on the beach.
Jul 16 - Kawasaki: "A monkey never cramps".
Jul 15 - Moving day is serious business in Taiwan.
Jul 15 - Boxer dog has fun playing with paw-activated fountain.
Jul 15 - 100 famous bass lines medley.
Jul 15 - The power of quiet.
Jul 15 - Technology can replace a lot of things, but it will never replace this.
Jul 14 - How to park a go-kart like a boss.
Jul 14 - Playing with a platypus.
Jul 14 - Boy comforts little girl on first day of preschool.
Jul 14 - Stop motion animation of wood cut millimeter by millimeter.
Jul 13 - 60 seconds that will change how you think.
Jul 13 - Diver saves tangled up sea turtle whose reaction is priceless.
Jul 13 - After all these years, this woman still gets her husband out on the dance floor.
Jul 13 - CGI animals perform stunts in France 3 TV ads.
Jul 13 - Want to innovate? Become a "now-ist".
Jul 12 - Stunning animated short from Disney great Glen Keane.
Jul 12 - I have the cutest pest problem.
Jul 12 - She took a daily selfie while battling depression... here is the result.
Jul 12 - Hand digging a full-sized well in Mexico.
Jul 11 - Tiny hedgehog has a tiny birthday party with a tiny cake.
Jul 11 - Preschooler and 89-year-old WWII veteran neighbor become fast friends.
Jul 11 - Subaru Impreza battles its way out of a large mud pit.
Jul 11 - This is why you shouldn't leave your kids or pets in a car.
Jul 11 - Brazilian street artist performs "Sultans of Swing".
Jul 10 - Grandson promised his grandma he'd shave his beard for her 100th birthday.
Jul 10 - "Blue Suede Shoes" music video without the music.
Jul 10 - Here is a baby owl doing a little dance.
Jul 10 - The psychology of happiness and feedback.
Jul 10 - Guy perfectly impersonates a girl's voice.
Jul 9 - The Blue Angels air show... wait for it...
Jul 9 - Does brainstorming work?
Jul 9 - The saddest man in the World Cup.
Jul 9 - Testing the reflexes of seven kittens.
Jul 9 - Two-year-old amputee keeps pushing through like a champ.
Jul 8 - Everyone thought he was weird until he handed them headphones.
Jul 8 - Traveling around the city like a boss.
Jul 8 - Elephant cries after being rescued following 50 years of abuse.
Jul 8 - No ordinary paperclip.
Jul 8 - "Leaked" Star Wars Episode VII film set footage.
Jul 7 - Want a haircut by an F-16?
Jul 7 - Alan Watts talks about worrying and compulsive thinking.
Jul 7 - Lumberjack rescues black bear with milk can stuck on head.
Jul 7 - This German goalkeeper could have been a quarterback.
Jul 7 - Baby swans hitch a ride on their mom.
Jul 6 - Baby has a bone to pick with this straight-faced Bulldog.
Jul 6 - Anderson Cooper tries a schizophrenia simulator.
Jul 6 - Ukulele drumbeat technique.
Jul 6 - This machine is a paper shredder, but for whole trees.
Jul 6 - This guy is beyond lucky...
Jul 5 - Art made from a pile of junk.
Jul 5 - South Korea seems like a fun place to busk.
Jul 5 - How to speak so that people want to listen.
Jul 5 - Just some baby goats playing on top of a resting horse.
Jul 5 - Jet pilot executes perfect landing on stool with no nose gear.
Jul 4 - Music makes a huge difference when doing chores.
Jul 4 - This is what fireworks look like when a drone flies through them.
Jul 4 - Lovebird crafts new paper tail feathers for herself...
Jul 4 - A black metal musician plays an acoustic cover of Avicii's "Wake Me Up".
Jul 3 - Guy builds a squirrel obstacle course in his backyard.
Jul 3 - The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca, one of the hardest turns in motor racing.
Jul 3 - The art of Japanese parquetry using razor-thin slices of wood mosaics.
Jul 3 - Porky Pig's speech pattern deconstructed.
Jul 3 - Vocal band sings a moving rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner".
Jul 2 - The coolest optical illusion you'll see today.
Jul 2 - Wolf puppy has a case of the hiccups.
Jul 2 - Guy sings a song while doing 29 celebrity impressions.
Jul 2 - One video to clear up your offside confusion for good.
Jul 2 - Ashley Fiolek, the deaf-defying motocross champion.
Jul 1 - Just a fascinating video of a guy making scissors.
Jul 1 - Curious Pallas's cat gets up close with video camera.
Jul 1 - Groomsmen perform wedding dance surprise for the bride.
Jul 1 - 3D crocodile drawing illusion.
Jul 1 - The NBA fulfills a player's dream cut short by medical diagnosis.
Jun 30 - Wait for it...
Jun 30 - Man who stopped high-speed chase given truck upgrade.
Jun 30 - Young cello players make their grandfather cry with Jimi Hendrix cover.
Jun 30 - Dog celebrates final birthday after being diagnosed with cancer.
Jun 30 - A 360 panoramic timelapse of the stars by Vincent Brady.
Jun 29 - Gary the goat is quite fast...
Jun 29 - What do tree rings sound like when played like a record?
Jun 29 - Coffee shop has no employees staffing it, runs entirely on the honor system.
Jun 29 - Get Mario Karted.
Jun 29 - Terminally ill groom fulfills last wish to be married.
Jun 28 - This pilot deserves a raise.
Jun 28 - Dozens of people arrive ready to save dog trapped inside hot car.
Jun 28 - Very satisfying sound you can produce with two big glass bottles.
Jun 28 - Astronaut Reid Wiseman captures a lightning storm from space.
Jun 28 - A fingerstyle guitar cover of "Comfortably Numb" by Thomas Leeb.
Jun 27 - Toyota TS030 goes from electric to gas engine, resulting in incredible sound.
Jun 27 - England's World Cup in six seconds.
Jun 27 - Military man receives warm welcome from his happy cat.
Jun 27 - Our words can have a big impact.
Jun 27 - Jim Carrey on how his late father inspired him to follow his dreams.
Jun 26 - Just a guy revving his car... wait for it.
Jun 26 - Liquid nitrogen under a vacuum.
Jun 26 - Man literally gives the homeless the shirt off his back.
Jun 25 - How a red-tailed hawk says hello.
Jun 25 - Soccer would be so much better if it was played on bouncy ground.
Jun 25 - Peeling sticky tape can produce X-ray radiation.
Jun 25 - Mario Kart brings out the worst in people.
Jun 25 - The most beautiful father-daughter dance is not from a wedding.
Jun 24 - Tour guide demonstrates what you can do with a giant concave mirror.
Jun 24 - A stampede of ducks in Thailand.
Jun 24 - Impressive car drifting up a hill.
Jun 24 - Baby discovers he can move his eyebrows for the first time.
Jun 24 - Sam Smith turns Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" into a tender ballad.
Jun 23 - Two cats meet for the first time.
Jun 23 - What a bunch sprint in a professional cycling race looks like from the inside.
Jun 23 - How to persuade others with the right questions.
Jun 23 - Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" cover on a mountain dulcimer.
Jun 22 - No matter how many times I watch it...
Jun 22 - I'm not a cat guy, but...
Jun 22 - Intense Himalayas bus ride.
Jun 22 - Soldier's Rihanna cover moves America's Got Talent audience to tears.
Jun 22 - New York's abandoned island.
Jun 21 - This is what the US sounds like when it scores in the World Cup.
Jun 21 - Bumblebee in a spider's web gets rescued by another bumblebee.
Jun 21 - The owl whisperer.
Jun 21 - Dave Grohl on how he taught himself guitar and drums.
Jun 21 - Motocross rider jumps over a flying biplane.
Jun 20 - Amateur magician wows the crowd with his close-up magic tricks.
Jun 20 - POV launching of a jet fighter off a carrier.
Jun 20 - Cat really digs the vibraphone music.
Jun 20 - Making string from a plastic bottle.
Jun 20 - "Dancing in the Street" music video without the music is hilarious.
Jun 19 - OK Go's optical illusion music video is mind-blowing.
Jun 19 - Formerly blind dog sees his owners for the first time in a year.
Jun 19 - Surfing one of the most unpredictable waves off the coast of Australia.
Jun 18 - How dogs react to a human barking.
Jun 18 - Two pro soccer players vs. 55 kids.
Jun 18 - Stunning timelapse of a supernova explosion over four years.
Jun 18 - Amazing guitarist covers Van Halen's "Eruption".
Jun 18 - How a deaf and blind Brazil fan follows the World Cup.
Jun 17 - Man finds a puppy in a 350-foot deep canyon, comes back to rescue him.
Jun 17 - Hydroplaning world record.
Jun 17 - Random scribble turns into a creative work of art.
Jun 17 - The reasons why VHS succeeded and Betamax failed in the 80s.
Jun 17 - Elderly man teaches you how to climb a tree.
Jun 16 - A clever way of using a chainsaw to cut wood.
Jun 16 - A cute little surprise at an electrical substation yard.
Jun 16 - A flying BMW at a car rally.
Jun 16 - Street performer from Strasbourg, France, has a very unique voice talent.
Jun 16 - The Silk Road: Connecting the ancient world through trade.
Jun 15 - A hoverboard in real life.
Jun 15 - Stealing the Eiffel Tower.
Jun 15 - What Game of Thrones would sound like if it was set in New Orleans.
Jun 15 - Woman sings elephant to sleep with lullaby.
Jun 15 - Four-year-old blind boy walks from curb to the street for the first time.
Jun 14 - This is what Brazil sounds like when it scores in the World Cup.
Jun 14 - Geese marching band plays through a city in the Netherlands.
Jun 14 - Moments with dad.
Jun 14 - Spiders tune their webs like a guitar.
Jun 14 - Iguana comes running like a dog when his human calls.
Jun 13 - French lighthouse shift change.
Jun 13 - Mother whale and calf visit boat tourists.
Jun 13 - Baby and cat watch a Rube Goldberg machine together.
Jun 13 - Football freestylist Kotaro Tokuda dresses up as a samurai in Brazil.
Jun 12 - Guinea pig interview is adorable.
Jun 12 - A seven-foot tall man goes shopping dressed as an Uruk-hai.
Jun 12 - This facial rig jumps right over the uncanny valley into photorealism.
Jun 12 - Nine-year-old piano prodigy wows judges on America's Got Talent.
Jun 12 - Downhill Mountain Bike POV through The Scottish Highlands.
Jun 11 - How is this phone music even possible?
Jun 11 - A tribute to discomfort.
Jun 11 - Your family tree explained.
Jun 11 - Chariots of Fire: Donkey Kong edition.
Jun 10 - Owl "helps" owner draw on his tablet.
Jun 10 - Mark Hamill uses the Joker's voice to tell Luke that he is his father.
Jun 10 - Father climbs into crib to comfort his crying daughter.
Jun 10 - Hawaii 5-0 drum fill.
Jun 10 - Interesting short soccer cartoon featuring Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., and others.
Jun 9 - The Old Spice "I'm on a horse" commercial used no green screen.
Jun 9 - Something ate this great white shark, but what?
Jun 9 - The drummer for Weezer catches a frisbee without missing a beat.
Jun 9 - Three kittens enjoy snacking on their bottles.
Jun 8 - How helicopters trim trees.
Jun 8 - 3D version of LineRider.
Jun 8 - Dog bonds with a miniature horse.
Jun 8 - Through the Wormhole: The double slit experiment.
Jun 7 - Cardboard invisibility suit.
Jun 7 - The running of baby goats is delightful.
Jun 7 - Sponges are like water pumps.
Jun 7 - The Bottle Boys perform a cover of "Billie Jean".
Jun 7 - Vittorio Brumotti road bike freestyle.
Jun 6 - Girl shows world how to save a flooded canoe with your legs.
Jun 6 - Son keeps promise to buy his dad a '57 Chevy on his 57th birthday.
Jun 6 - Man rescues fawn stuck in a gate.
Jun 6 - Brad Paisley plays slide guitar with a guy's GoPro camera mid-solo.
Jun 5 - Students prank their high school principal with a mariachi band.
Jun 5 - Baby goat gives it all she's got.
Jun 5 - The Mountain from Game of Thrones successfully deadlifts 994 pounds.
Jun 5 - A difficult airplane landing in Peru.
Jun 4 - French Bulldog puppy discovers door stopper.
Jun 4 - LumiLor electroluminescent paint.
Jun 4 - Swedish one-man band performs Star Wars theme song.
Jun 4 - Luigi's hilarious stare down in Mario Kart 8.
Jun 4 - Man with Alzheimer's proves the heart always remembers.
Jun 3 - Great Dane puppy voices his displeasure at getting up early.
Jun 3 - Swedish House Mafia discovers the beat for "One".
Jun 3 - Neighbors put out chairs to help leukemia patient on his daily walk.
Jun 3 - A Swiss toy built over 200 years ago.
Jun 3 - He made the first move.
Jun 2 - This is what happens when an engineer owns a dog.
Jun 2 - This kid is so unexpectedly fluid.
Jun 2 - The most inspirational farmer you'll ever meet.
Jun 2 - Seven things every guy should know about suits.
Jun 2 - Kid nails his preschool graduation speech.
Jun 1 - The fastest way to tie a tie.
Jun 1 - Girl takes a fall, but still wins the race.
Jun 1 - Airplane hangers have the coolest fire suppression systems.
Jun 1 - Girl can't contain her happiness after parents surprise her with a puppy.
Jun 1 - Eight-year-old wins Norway's Got Talent with this song.
May 31 - Somebody sign this street guitarist right now.
May 31 - The biggest cheer at a soccer game was this paper airplane.
May 31 - Meanwhile in Ethiopia: A goat riding a guy riding his bike.
May 31 - Impressions of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan.
May 31 - Smart birds figure out how to open doors.
May 30 - Pig in a blanket wakes up to a cookie.
May 30 - V8 Supercar driver's brakes lock up, so he 360 spins out of it.
May 30 - Playing metal music on a banjo by Rob Scallon.
May 30 - LeVar Burton reacts to Reading Rainbow crossing $1 million in donations.
May 29 - Helicopter with wrecking ball knocks down dangerous rock spire.
May 29 - Mirror Experiment: What do strangers think of you?
May 29 - Baby laughs for the first time with his dad.
May 29 - Parrot loves playing peek-a-boo.
May 29 - Everything you need to know about Solar Roadways.
May 28 - The cutest cosplay of all time.
May 28 - Really synced dancing.
May 28 - Caterpillar 797 vs. Land Cruiser.
May 28 - Misconceptions about the universe.
May 28 - Soldier adopts military dog who saved his life.
May 27 - This is why Novak Djokovic is the coolest tennis player.
May 27 - Kitesurfer catches the perfect gust, jumps over an island.
May 27 - Two-month-old baby mimics her father and says "I love you".
May 27 - Google shows how its self-driving cars are getting smarter.
May 27 - Man drives more than a million miles to save 2,000 dogs.
May 26 - Goat ends hunger strike after reuniting with best friend.
May 26 - Rain falls inside the abandoned Silverdome, former home of the Detroit Lions.
May 26 - Calculus teacher creates a unique trailer for his Calculus II course.
May 26 - Tennis players have a dance-off during a rain delay.
May 26 - Boeing C-17 vs. Airbus A400M tactical short landings.
May 25 - Russians pick a crazy spot to hang out.
May 25 - How to hide your pool like a super spy.
May 25 - Are athletes today really getting faster, better, stronger?
May 25 - Police officer stops traffic for ducks crossing the road.
May 25 - Moving On: A stop motion music video made with yarn.
May 24 - Little kid faces a tough decision...
May 24 - Artist animates over real life with Sharpies, Wite-Out, and cels.
May 24 - Rapping in 15/8 meter by Andrew Huang.
May 24 - Handicapped baby goat gets his own special wheelchair.
May 24 - What is the stock exchange and how does it work?
May 23 - Morgan Freeman on helium.
May 23 - Pickup truck floors it up a sand dune.
May 23 - Will Ferrell and Chad Smith settle their feud with a drum-off.
May 23 - Dog helps mother change her baby's diaper.
May 23 - What is the World Wide Web?
May 22 - When your dad's a DreamWorks animator: Grappling gun.
May 22 - Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how rich Bill Gates is.
May 22 - This remix of iPhone ringtones is incredible.
May 22 - Elephants save a calf pulled by powerful river currents.
May 22 - A beautiful timelapse of New Zealand.
May 21 - Even if you're not a Spurs fan, you've got to love the way they play.
May 21 - A $330,000 watch that has all the planets rotating in real-time.
May 21 - Man makes dining room table for his wife using only hand tools.
May 21 - A Rottweiler and kangaroo play together.
May 21 - A baby sings the blues.
May 20 - Jack Nicklaus shows everyone why he's a golf legend.
May 20 - Beagle catches a tiny soccer ball with her paws.
May 20 - How playing dubstep on a guitar is done.
May 20 - Thunderstorm supercell timelapse in Newcastle, Wyoming.
May 20 - Baltimore's Inner Harbor is being cleaned up with a water wheel.
May 19 - Extinguishing a fire using jet engines mounted on top of a tank.
May 19 - 90s trance music on guitars medley.
May 19 - A special day for nine rescued Beagles.
May 19 - Stop Motion: Ocean creatures from man-made objects.
May 19 - Michio Kaku on reading minds, recording dreams, and brain imaging.
May 18 - Who needs a camera or printer when you can draw like this?
May 18 - Just a cat saying hey.
May 18 - This kid is so smooth.
May 18 - Here's what Slayer sounds like on a ukulele.
May 18 - Man transforms crib to honor mother's stillborn baby.
May 17 - Three random guys sing together in an amazing jam session.
May 17 - An elephant's roar is probably the most terrifying sound ever.
May 17 - How to sell an old car with style.
May 17 - What does sound look like?
May 16 - What did I just watch?
May 16 - Woman nails the "Diva Dance" song from The Fifth Element.
May 16 - A timelapse of how vines actually grow.
May 16 - Deaf woman adopts deaf dog who understands sign language.
May 15 - Just a bunny inhaling raspberries.
May 15 - This is what happens when you mix Coke and milk together...
May 15 - Young girl is an old soul on an ukulele.
May 15 - Kids put on suits to rally behind their bullied friend.
May 15 - Timelapse of flowers blooming.
May 14 - This is cute CGI.
May 14 - Cutting through metal like butter.
May 14 - How to multiply numbers by drawing lines.
May 14 - When your audience members don't understand the skit...
May 13 - Cat performs epic wiggle.
May 13 - Cruise ship plays "Seven Nation Army".
May 13 - Man with no hands plays table tennis by holding the paddle in his mouth.
May 13 - Two young boys sing about overcoming bullying.
May 12 - Cat asks his human for a hug.
May 12 - Guy builds rally car that's faster than any supercar.
May 12 - Three year epic selfie from around the world.
May 12 - Explaining the issue of net neutrality.
May 12 - Couple sings their wedding vows in a sweet song they wrote together.
May 11 - The way this kid uses his legs...
May 11 - Seven simple photography hacks.
May 11 - Pet squirrel insists on playing with her owner.
May 11 - 10-year-old tears it up on the fiddle at the Grand Ole Opry.
May 11 - Joe Garner's amazing soccer goal against Rotherham.
May 10 - Reebok or Nike?
May 10 - Ducklings vs. Stairs.
May 10 - Best use of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset so far.
May 10 - Teen graduates from high school and college in the same week.
May 10 - How big is the Moon really?
May 9 - The deepest hole in the world, and what we've learned from it.
May 9 - Why pro wrestling isn't always fake.
May 9 - You might not expect this sound from a guy with a megaphone.
May 9 - A pile of three sleepy Bull Terriers.
May 9 - A giant remote controlled A-380.
May 8 - Possibly the biggest technological revolution since the silicon chip.
May 8 - Meerkats: What if animals were round?
May 8 - Guy plays an impromptu game of rock-paper-scissors with railway passenger.
May 8 - Unbelievably good salsa dancing kids.
May 7 - The majestic woodcock.
May 7 - The feeling you get when you accidentally walk with a stranger.
May 7 - Perfect window installation...
May 7 - The affection people have for Ronaldinho is extremely touching.
May 7 - How to transfer an inkjet photo to wood.
May 6 - Dogs just want to be friends with cats.
May 6 - What every celebrity commercial sounds like...
May 6 - 10 women shave their heads to surprise their friend with cancer.
May 6 - Guy plays a cover of "Drifting" on two guitars.
May 5 - Riding in an F-16 for the first time.
May 5 - A Chinese girl's fabulous roller skating dance to "Beat It".
May 5 - A transparent jumping spider with visibly moving retinas.
May 5 - How to make edible water "bottles".
May 5 - Veteran reunites with his bomb-sniffing dog.
May 4 - Just doing a 360 during a drift...
May 4 - Perfectly in tune.
May 4 - Can a "drinkable book" solve the world's water crisis?
May 4 - Visual Kaleidoscope: The art of buugeng.
May 3 - Dog fetches ball, returns to find his soldier home from deployment.
May 3 - Special effects in a Chinese film...
May 3 - Seven-year-old stuns crowd with "Fly Me to the Moon" performance.
May 3 - The importance of kindness.
May 3 - Clay art cream cake decoration.
May 2 - The world's luckiest unluckiest man.
May 2 - What happens when a professional pianist tries a public piano...
May 2 - Rock climbing bears.
May 2 - Seaplane takes off from a truck trailer.
May 2 - Wheel of Fortune's first contestant with special needs.
May 1 - Tong forging in the World Championship Blacksmiths's Competition.
May 1 - Proof there are still good people left in the world.
May 1 - A motorcycle that looks like a jet.
May 1 - Tiny hamster eats tiny burritos.
May 1 - What does "The Star-Spangled Banner" sound like in a minor key?
Apr 30 - This shower is occupied, human.
Apr 30 - An amazingly choreographed dance that'll put a smile on your face.
Apr 30 - One of the best double plays ever in a baseball game.
Apr 30 - 2008: A man selling peelers in New York City.
Apr 30 - The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance.
Apr 29 - You've never wanted a trailer more than right now.
Apr 29 - Abandoned and homeless teen has real life Cinderella story.
Apr 29 - Backflipping beach guy.
Apr 29 - "Bohemian Rhapsody" cover on a street piano.
Apr 28 - How to see without glasses, no matter how bad your vision is.
Apr 28 - Vegan bodybuilder shows off his superhuman strength.
Apr 28 - Kitten loves snuggling with owner's beard.
Apr 28 - Motorcyclist helps man catch the bus.
Apr 28 - Band of flying bots perform a medley of classic songs.
Apr 27 - The greatest baseball interview ever.
Apr 27 - Amazing curve soccer goals.
Apr 27 - Consciousness can be quantified.
Apr 27 - Dog therapy for a man with Alzheimer's disease.
Apr 26 - Impressive climbing.
Apr 26 - High speed watermelon cutting.
Apr 26 - An incredible robotic baby dinosaur for kids.
Apr 26 - Game of Thrones's Tormund Giantsbane shaves his beard.
Apr 26 - Heartbleed: Running the code.
Apr 25 - Guy grinds a chairlift cable while speed riding.
Apr 25 - Koenigsegg's high performance carbon fiber wheels.
Apr 25 - Who needs traffic lights in Ethiopia?
Apr 25 - A dad finds out he's going to be a grandpa.
Apr 24 - This guy gets paid to snuggle with meerkats.
Apr 24 - Man takes picture of birds on electric wires, plays them like musical notes.
Apr 24 - Baffling balloon behavior.
Apr 24 - Downhill mountain bike POV through intense course in South Africa.
Apr 24 - Jenga with a chess clock.
Apr 23 - Cat teases other cat with fishing rod.
Apr 23 - Quadrocopter flies around during fireworks show.
Apr 23 - Crazy footage of the Earth opening and closing during the 2011 Japanese earthquake.
Apr 23 - Kevin Durant's amazing clutch play for four points.
Apr 23 - Reverse psychology in its purest form.
Apr 22 - Guy cuts up tree, then this happens...
Apr 22 - A Blue Angels pilot takes a first person video of their insanely close flight.
Apr 22 - The flower-shaped starshade that might help detect Earth-like planets.
Apr 22 - Tiny hamster stuffs five baby carrots into mouth.
Apr 21 - Going to school when your dad's a DreamWorks animator.
Apr 21 - Swarms of tiny robots the size of insects build things.
Apr 21 - Woman shares her lunch with a polite pig.
Apr 21 - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" cover by Tommy Emmanuel.
Apr 21 - Amazing trick shot.
Apr 20 - Electronic dance music baby wakes up for the drop.
Apr 20 - Have you hugged your chicken today?
Apr 20 - This is what the original banjo made out of a gourd sounds like.
Apr 20 - Cell vs. Virus: A battle for health.
Apr 19 - Honey badger Houdini.
Apr 19 - Epic pen spinners.
Apr 19 - Teen with Down syndrome has the best reaction to his college acceptance.
Apr 19 - A fireman's magic carpet.
Apr 19 - The Soviet Union's version of Winnie the Pooh.
Apr 18 - This guy is a special effects magician.
Apr 18 - Eating junk food at the gym.
Apr 18 - Man helps fox cub with head stuck in can.
Apr 18 - Mysteries of the unseen world.
Apr 18 - Pharrell sobs tears of joy while watching the world dance to "Happy".
Apr 17 - Mission Impossible cat.
Apr 17 - Dan Castellaneta on his many "Simpsons" characters.
Apr 17 - This one-legged soccer star will make you never complain again.
Apr 17 - A grandmother rides her first rollercoaster.
Apr 17 - Doctor explains how to take care of a cast through rap.
Apr 16 - Dog likes to burrow, greets owner like this.
Apr 16 - World's largest Jenga game, played with CAT equipment.
Apr 16 - Intense downhill mountain biking POV.
Apr 15 - This juggling is almost unreal...
Apr 15 - The gloves that will "change the way we make music".
Apr 15 - Father films his daughter as she grows from 0 months to 14-years-old.
Apr 15 - A bird speaks Japanese with his owner.
Apr 14 - A simple technique for cutting cherry tomatoes in half.
Apr 14 - F1 pit stop comparison between the 1950s and today.

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