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Jul 8 - Elephant cries after being rescued following 50 years of abuse.
Jul 7 - Lumberjack rescues black bear with milk can stuck on head.
Jun 21 - Bumblebee in a spider's web gets rescued by another bumblebee.
Jun 17 - Man finds a puppy in a 350-foot deep canyon, comes back to rescue him.
Jun 6 - Man rescues fawn stuck in a gate.
May 19 - A special day for nine rescued Beagles.
Mar 27 - Dog expresses his happiness and gratitude after being rescued.
Feb 28 - Stranded cat gets rescued from under a ferry boat.
Feb 24 - Hovercraft drivers rescue trapped deer on a frozen lake.
Jan 30 - Helmet cam from an unconscious skydiver being rescued mid-air.
Nov 25 - Meet Sam, a dog rescued from a dog fighting ring.
Nov 23 - Pit bull abandoned at the beach gets rescued.
Oct 16 - Abandoned dog on the railroad tracks gets rescued.
Oct 10 - Terrified dog gets rescued.
Sep 27 - Strangers rescue an unconscious man who falls onto the subway tracks.
Aug 10 - A dog rescue that will make you smile.
Jul 31 - Pregnant dog gets rescued.
Apr 7 - A "professional rescue" is on its way.
Feb 23 - Russian sailors rescue a dog stranded on an iceberg.
Jan 23 - Mother Koala comes to her baby's rescue.
Jan 9 - Touching rescue of a frightened stray dog ends with an amazing surprise.
Dec 27 - Homeless dog gets rescued from Los Angeles river.
Dec 22 - Pitbull gets rescued.
Dec 14 - Animal rescue team member gives Chihuahua a new home.
Nov 16 - Divers rescue a tangled whale shark.
Oct 18 - Baby's life is saved by a dog the family rescued.
Oct 12 - A three-legged dog's incredible rescue.
Sep 20 - Pig rescues baby goat who is stuck in the water at a zoo.
Sep 5 - A dog gets rescued because of Google Maps.
Jul 26 - People rescue three bear cubs stuck in dumpster.
Jul 25 - Dog rescues an injured girl trapped in a canyon.
Jun 10 - Five rescued kittens in a sink.
Apr 11 - A dog rescued from euthanasia showing her gratitude.
Apr 8 - Banker rescues ducklings in the most heartwarming way.
Apr 3 - Dogs Training Day: All these dogs are rescues.
Apr 1 - Man rescues a cat stuck in a tree for four days.
Mar 29 - Blind homeless dog rescued.
Mar 22 - Rescue of a wounded, malnourished wolf.
Feb 17 - Mother elephant rescues stuck baby.
Feb 12 - Trapped puppy rescued from underground pipe.
Jan 25 - Heartbreaking and beautiful dog rescue.
Jan 23 - Rescue of a pitbull living in a ditch.
Jan 14 - Yellow Lab rescued from icy river.
Jan 7 - I am an animal rescuer.
Dec 27 - Two guys rescue deer from frozen lake.
Jul 13 - Humpback whale gives show after being rescued.
May 23 - Fawn gets rescued.
Oct 24 - Guy rescues baby hummingbird after it was attacked.
Oct 12 - Al Jazeera shows how the Chilean miners will be rescued.
Aug 29 - Firefighters save dog's life by performing rescue breathing.
Aug 24 - BEAR Robot: All purpose robot used for search and rescue.
Jun 11 - Hero turtle rescues upside down turtle.
May 12 - Mama bear rescues baby bear from a tree.
Oct 20 - Lion hugs rescuer.
Sep 22 - Baby elephant rescued.
Sep 1 - Ducklings rescued.
May 18 - Japan: Robot rescue team.

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