Seed-Hogging Squirrel Gets Pranked

Jan 28, 2015
Robert Krampf, known as "The Happy Scientist," usually posts scientific snippets on his YouTube channel. His latest video, however, shows an ingenious way of dealing with a pesky Rock Squirrel with a voracious appetite for bird seed.

It seems that the squirrel claimed the bird feeder as his own personal buffet, carrying away pounds of seed and leaving his feathered friends without a crumb. Robert's wife, Nancy, came up with an innovative way to keep the seed-hogger from pilfering the feeder. In this clip, the squirrel provided hilarious entertainment while on his quest to visit his daily "diner." According to the Krampfs, the squirrel quickly realized the feeder was not worth the trouble and has moved on to other feeders in the yard. The birds in the garden are "delighted" to have their bird seed back.
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