Selfie Stick, Meet The Selfie Log

Nov 1, 2015 By Jake Brannon

Have you ever watched someone juggle bowling pins or twirl batons and wondered what it would feel like to be an ant on the thing they were tossing around? If so, good news. A Russian folk band is giving you the opportunity to experience what that feels like without the hassle of putting on Paul Rudd's shrinking Ant-Man suit.

Otava Yo has been performing theatrical folk music for 12 years, and their live performances feature everything from dazzling light displays to heartfelt reenactments of the Biblical Christmas story. As if those things weren't spectacular enough, the band also has log twirlers hanging around. Whether or not they perform during the concert is unclear, but it'd be a waste not to have a talented twirler like this guy onstage while you play.

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