Sharks, Lions And Wolves Are Among The Deadliest Animals On Earth, But The Most Lethal Creature Is Surprising.

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Predators are a dangerous bunch, but there is one creature that takes the title of the deadliest animal in the world. Except, this animal isn't an animal at all. It is an insect.

Traditionally, sharks, tigers, snakes and other predators alike have been linked to mass killings. Although these animals have had their fair share of unfortunate run-ins with humans, they are by no means the deadliest living things in the world. Insects rule this title by a landslide. Some of the deadliest bugs include the Hemiptera, the Asian Hornet, Siafu (African Ants) and Wasps.

This mysterious killer takes more than 700,000 lives per year. That's staggering. After watching this, the chance of a shark attack won't even cross your mind.