Single Dad Raises Three Daughters In A Single-Wide Trailer.

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Arnold Hernandez from Ventura County, California is the definition of a dedicated father. The single father of three daughters doesn't have much to his name. He works multiple jobs and even collects and sells bottles and cans when he has to, all so he can give his children the essentials they need - food, water, shelter and endless amounts of love. The family lives all together in an 18-foot, single-wide trailer.

Aaron ended up in this situation due to a messy divorce and at times, his 20-year-old stepson also lives with them in the tiny trailer. Every morning, the family takes turns using and changing in the standing-room-only bathroom. Each Wednesday, they head over to the Santa Paula church to receive a hot meal.

While living may not always be easy for them, the one thing the whole family can rely on is their love for each other. Aaron's daughters even secretly made him a dating profile on a free site where they described him as a "gentleman who needed someone to be strong for him." Seeing this video, I'd say he's pretty strong already.