Six Kindergarteners Talk About Mindfulness In A Touching Short Film

Aug 18, 2015 By Erin Marie McDonald
When filmmaker Julie Bayer Salzman overheard her 5-year-old son talking with a friend about how emotions affect different parts of the brain, she was intrigued. And who wouldn't be? Ultimately it inspired her to learn more about mindfulness and create a beautiful short documentary with her husband, Josh Salzman, profiling none other than her son’s classmates.

In one particularly crazy, mad metaphor, a little girl explains how anger can seem like shaking up a bunch of glitter in a water-filled jar. "It's like spinning around and then you don't have any time to think." But, it’s not just their compelling metaphors, it's these kids' advice on how to deal with anger that is truly inspiring. This short unscripted film really reminds us that kids can always teach us a thing or two.
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