Sloth Rescued From Side Of The Road In Ecuador

Jan 26, 2016 By Jake Brannon

Sloths. They've got the speed of a snail, the cuddliness of a teddy bear and the claws of a velociraptor. While that last one might not be entirely true, sloths are animals with a lot of different things going on, second only, perhaps, to the platypus. Sloths are best known for being notoriously slow, but do you know why that is? These tree-dwelling animals have roughly a quarter of the muscle tissue that other animals of the same weight have, which makes moving at high speeds difficult. Not only are sloths slow on the outside, they're slow on the inside too. Large stomachs, full of multiple different compartments, are responsible for digesting the leaves that make up a sloth's primary food source. Anyone who's ever eaten a salad knows that leaves aren't packed with energy, which means that sloths have an extremely low metabolism and conserve energy whenever possible.

As we've seen before, sloths have a hard time crossing the road on their own and often require human assistance to reach their destinations. That's why we were so happy when police in Ecuador discovered a sloth on the side of the road in need of their help. It had tried to cross the busy road by itself but soon realized how impossible that was. Instead, it latched onto a traffic pole and waited until help arrived in the form of a kind-hearted police officer. 

This video is a perfect reminder that, while slow, sloths are still highly intelligent and adorable creatures. If we had it our way, sloths, you could have all the time you want to cross the street.

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