Some Tourists Film Themselves Feeding A Seagull, But The Bird Has Other Plans For Them

Jul 14, 2015 By Sarah Brennan
Typically, seagulls are very intelligent birds. From an early age, these birds know the ins-and-outs of hunting from their parents. Using breadcrumbs as bait for fish, and making rain-like noises to attract earthworms, they really know how to get their next meal.

They are also known for their sneaky behavior, and this little guy is proving that he's the most cunning. These unsuspecting people decided to go out with their GoPro to capture the beautiful scenery, but this seagull has another plan. They toss the bird a treat, which is immediately followed by their GoPro flying away in its beak. It gets even better when the seagull comes back, almost to say "just try and catch me."
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